Saturday, September 16, 2017


As of September 16, 2017 the cache has been found BUT the gift cards have not been claimed!

The finder has 30 days to claim the gift cards.

If the gift cards are not claimed per the instructions in the book (and found on this site) by 11:59pm EST on October 16, 2017 this will become a legit armchair treasure hunt - no travel needed to win the gift cards! 

The gift card balance is now locked in at $700. The balance will no longer grow. This prevents a finder from delaying their claim in an attempt to grow the reward.  

Stay tuned for additional details and guidelines if the prize is not claimed!

The gift cards still have NOT been claimed.
The finder now has 2 weeks to claim the gift cards.

The gift cards were not claimed by the deadline.
This is now an armchair treasure hunt.
No need to physically retrieve the trove to claim the $700 in Amazon gift cards.
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