The Treasure Chest Project

I'm excited to join in the adventure of The Treasure Chest Project. These are the three chests I will be hiding. No clues. No hunts. Just a random treasure waiting to be found by whomever is lucky enough to find it. 

To learn more about the contents:
Chest #1

What is The Treasure Chest Project?
Here's the description taken from the official website:

The Treasure Chest Project™ is a public-spirited mission to inspire the Quest, hide Treasures, and pass the X-citement!

Everyone loves to find treasure – whether it is that dropped penny found on the sidewalk or something more discovered on the path of life.   No matter how big or small these found treasures are, they always bring a smile and x-citement!

Even leaving a treasure for someone else to find is x-citing to the person hiding it!

How much x-citement and smiles can we give away?

That is the question of – The Treasure Chest Project™!

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