Thursday, August 1, 2019

Google Maps Challenge #2 - SOLVED

Congratulations to Tina in Twin Lakes who is the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card, randomly selected from all of the correct entries. Without further ado, here are the answers.

The Clues

Clue #1
I wasn't the Master but I earned that degree
When I lived within SW59ST.
You won't see a magistrate, nor a Doctor, nor duke
But you will see a box that's not meant for a juke.

Both Master and Doctor are capitalized and are references to Doctor Who.
SW5 9ST is a postal code in London.
Magistrate was a reference to a "court". 
Duke might suggest Duke of Earl. 
Together I was pointing you to Earl's Court.
The box is the police box. 

Clue #2
Near where I studied there was a strange little place.
Chuck would be happy; oh the look on his face!
As George IV might take his old white horse,
I'd browse for a bit till I resumed my course.

I studied at the London School of Economics. You can find this info in my first treasure hunt book or in the Books section on my website (where I also have my thesis for sale).
Chuck refers to Charles Dickens.
George IV and Ye Old White Horse are pubs located near the school and serve as confirmations that you're in the right place.
You'd browse in the shop and refer back to the first line of the clue to realize a "strange little place" was the Old Curiosity Shop.

Clue #3
Southeast of the house of mercy (or is it disgrace?)
The lion of the tribe of Judah may have passed through this place.
If you trust in what he says, you won't have to wait.
You'll get up and walk right through this gate.

Some quick googling and a bit of Bible knowledge might help on this one. It proved to be the easiest to get into the general location, but the hardest to isolate the specific spot.
The house of mercy (or is it disgrace) refers to Bethesda in Jerusalem. Beth hesda (בית חסד/חסדא), means either house of mercy or house of grace. In both Hebrew and Aramaic the word hesda could also mean "shame, disgrace".
The lion of the tribe of Judah refers to Jesus. It also serves to point you to the correct gate (Lion's Gate). I was careful to say "place" instead of gate because while Jesus may have been in the area as referenced in the Bible, the present day gates were constructed after the Biblical era, so Jesus would not have passed through this gate but he would have been in this place.
The last two lines refer to John 5:1-8. This one was confusing because scripture refers to the sheep gate. However, archaeological and historical evidence shows that the present day sheep gate is not the sheep gate mentioned in the Bible. That sheep gate is no longer is existence and was likely near where the present day lion's gate is located. The lion's gate is the correct answer.

Clue #4
It gets a bit chilly in the town of stars.
And to get around you won't use cars.
Wear your Sunday best and put on your fleece
When you go to visit the Queen of Peace.

Chilly is a dual hint in this one that once discovered could unlock the whole clue. It's a reference to Chile AND to someplace cold. If you figured out Chile and translated "town of stars" into Spanish you might be led to Villa Las Estrellas which is a Chilean town and research station on King George Island within the Chilean Antarctic claim.
The third line tells you that you're looking for a church and the fourth line actually gives you the name of that church.

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