Thursday, January 7, 2021

GRRiddler 2021 - SOLVED

 Congratulations to Justin K. - winner of The GRRiddler 2021 treasure hunt! He solved the riddle, deciphered the clues (though it sounds like his friend Casey may have been integral in narrowing down the precise location!) and retrieved the medallion!! My family and I met up with him at Baker Books and did the exchange. The hunt is officially over! Well done Justin! 

And now for the answer...

Additional insights...
I mentioned that the theme of this year's hunt was "history recycled." What did I recycle?
This line: "Perhaps riding a bicycle, perhaps not." It was taken from Joe Cramer's (the Wyoming Riddler) last riddle.
This line: "Some trees are ever white." It was taken from my first treasure hunt - Seek and Ye Shall Find. The book is still available for purchase but the hunt is over (the prize was claimed by Larry G.)
The medallion: I used the same medallion from the 2020 hunt for the 2021 hunt. 
The double omega: Used by Forrest Fenn. Nobody really knows what it meant for him. He just passed away in September 2020.
The location of the solution: The area was once the racetrack known as the Speedrome. My dad raced there in the early 1960s. If you had sound on and watched the full videos for the riddle and clues, you may have noticed the sound of racecar starting. Didn't catch it? Go listen again!