Saturday, April 4, 2020

Google Maps Challenge #3

This is my third "Google Maps Challenge". Nothing to buy - it's free!
Everything you need to get started is right here.

Minimum Prize: $25 Amazon gift card. (Valid only in the US).
Prize is now at: $30 Amazon gift card. (Valid only in the US).
I'm trying something new this time. If you feel inclined to help the prize grow, I'll accept donations via paypal. Based on any donations I receive, I will increase the prize in $5 increments. Donate Here.

This Google Maps Challenge is global - the locations could be anywhere in the world. I've created a set of four riddles that will lead you to specific locations that can be found using Google Maps. There are four specific locations that need to be found. All four riddles must be solved to submit a valid entry for a chance to win the $25 $30 Amazon gift card. Only one prize will be awarded.

Contest ends and all submissions must be received by 11:59:59pm on May 8. Winner will be chosen at random on May 9 from all correct entries received. If no correct entries are received by that time, I may extend the deadline.

The hunts start here!
I'll give you a head start this time. All four locations can be found by starting here.

The Riddles

Location #1 - Release Date 04/04/2020
Myra, Mura on the wall.
Behind a chair he stands so tall.
Once he brought some gifts of gold.
But now you’ll get what he holds.

Location #2 - Release Date 04/11/2020
The check is in the mail, postmarked 1993.
Head over to the busted room with lots of names to see.
Look closely at every one and study without fail.
Soon you’ll find what you seek is just an Erben tale.

Location #3 - Release Date 04/18/2020
You can't see his face, though he’s not wearing a mask.
Driving the boat backwards is your first boring task.
Walk to the brothers as you’ve been told.
And soon a dead end will become a cross road.

Location #4 - Release Date 04/25/2020
Coco might guide you in this, your final quest. 
The state that you’re in might lead you to rest. 
Is this a city? Or a park? Or? Do some inspection.  
Soon you may find the Chapel of the Resurrection. 

Submit Your Solution
So you think you've solved it? How do you submit your entry for a chance to win the $25  $30 Amazon gift card? 

Send the following to me in an email (readandseekadventures (at) gmail):
  1. Subject line of your email: Google Maps Challenge #3 Solution.
  2. Include a screenshot from Google Maps street view for each location. The specific feature must be contained in the screenshot to be a valid solution. Angle or direction is not important.

*Google and Amazon are not sponsors nor are they in any way affiliated with this contest. Use of Google and Amazon does not imply endorsement.