Creations by C & C

If you find the hidden cache, you'll be the proud owner of these earrings (along with the signed certificate of authenticity), generously donated by Dominique and Wendy.

You might remember Dominique from the 1996 Olympics when she was part of the gold-winning women's gymnastics team known as the "Magnificent Seven".

"Dreams! We all have them—some large, some small, but a desire for something exists in all of us." --Dominique Moceanu

"I’ve had a dream of creating my own signature jewelry collection for years," explains Dominique.

"Since I was a kid, being crafty and having a creative outlet has brought a great sense of enjoyment—from making t-shirts and sweatshirts in my youth to choreographing in my later years, and now, jewelry designing."

"I grew up admiring my mother's jewelry collection and sense of style, and developed my own style with her influence. She always encouraged me to put my entrepreneurial spirit and business degree to use by creating a jewelry collection...but I needed to wait for the right time."

In 2014, the "right time" came along when she was introduced to Wendy Campbell through their children's involvement in gymnastics. Both proud mothers of two, Dominique and Wendy developed a close friendship and were pleasantly surprised to find out they also had similar entrepreneurial goals.

After earning a Masters degree and working as a consultant for Key Bank, Wendy become a stay-at-home mother of two. During this amazing time of motherhood and exciting times with the children, her ambitions grew and her love of all things that sparkle pushed her in the direction of jewelry design. Knowing there would be plenty of competition, Wendy set out to make custom pieces, rarely ever duplicating a design. She successfully sold her jewelry in several boutiques in the Cleveland area before eventually putting her jewelry business on hold to attend to family priorities as she waited for the right opportunity to open that door again.

Dominique and Wendy realized quickly that working together, they could compliment one another with their strengths and also do what they love—create all things sparkly with custom-designed jewelry!

"We've always loved the concept of women helping women achieve their goals in life, and what better way to empower each other than by working together to fulfill a vision," says Dominique.

"This led us to establish Creations by Canales and Campbell (C&C). Our goal is to create one of a kind designs for all to love worldwide!"