QR Codes

As with all great technology, Google maps had some updates and a couple of the links embedded in the QR codes in the book may not work on certain mobile devices. Updated codes are below. I've added hyperlinks to them, so you don't need to scan them (unless you really want to). Just click on them and off you go.

The QR codes have also been updated in the book, so all newly purchased books should have working codes. Please let me know if you find any that stop working.

Please note, the QR codes/links are for fun only. There are no clues or hints associated with them.

Pg 29 - Pool in Florida

Pg 43 - MSU

Pg 45 - Flat in London

Pg 55 - Santorini

Pg 59 - Luxembourg

Pg 61 - Uluru

Pg 67 - Penywern Rd, London

Pg 74 - Sacsayhuaman (Peru)

Pg 77 - Teotihuacán (Mexico)