Seek and Ye Shall Find - SOLVED

Status - SOLVED

As of 02/10/2018 at 11:15am EST, this hunt has been solved! Click here for the full solution.

  • The Poem - You can read the poem here, but there's something wrong with it. You'll need to fix it by finding the clues in the book.
  • Buy the Book - You'll need the book to fix the poem. :) 
  • QR Codes - If you have an older version of the book, these are updated QR codes (no clues in these!)
  • Value - The $700 in Amazon gift cards has been awarded. This hunt no longer has a prize.

Submit Your Solution
[NO LONGER APPLICABLE] So you think you've solved it? How do you claim the $700 in Amazon gift cards? If you follow these instructions precisely and communicate your solution to my satisfaction, the gift cards are yours!

Send the following to me in an email:
  1. Subject line of your email: Hunt #1 Solution.
  2. Include the poem's solution with at least 20 clues deciphered correctly. Please note:
    • I count a total of 28 clues in the poem.
    • Not every sentence contains a clue.
    • Not every line contains a clue.
    • Some lines contain more than one clue.
    • Some sentences contain more than one clue.
  3. Identify the hidey spot to within 200 feet.
    • Send GPS coordinates.
    • OR send a screenshot of google maps with the location marked.

Cache Contents
The cache is gone! 
It's no longer part of the prize, but here's a look at what was inside.

Earrings from Creations by C & C - Thanks to Dominique Moceanu (1996 Olympic gold medalist) for contributing to this hunt. She has many great pieces available for purchase. Click the link to learn more and to visit her site.
Greek Coin - ca. 350 BC
Roman Ring - ca. 300 AD
Steel Pennies - from World War II
Jewelry Case - crafted in Japan
DVD - Grosse Pointe Blank...why would I include this??