The Poem

As you read my poem keep in mind that it needs to be fixed before it can be solved. The clues to fixing the poem are contained in the book.

Also remember that this whole adventure was inspired by my search for Forrest Fenn's treasure. As a way to attempt to get inside his head, I tried to craft the poem in a similar style. If you're not already familiar with his poem, it might be worth your while to become so.

Somewhere in the Midwest, north of Hell but south of Paradise, a "geo-cache" is hidden. Can you find it?

As you’re marching like a King
Your way has been written nigh.
Spend some time reflecting,
Then go forth to where they try.

We all look up toward the end
When our time is drawing near.
Steady as you go around the bend
And know there’s nothing left to fear.

From there with a fox you’ll dance,
Try to keep up for a round.
If you’re wise you’ll take a chance
And tread across sacred ground.

Your sixth sense will have led you
If it’s the fifth you have found.
Your quest will then continue
As your journey ventures down.

Find your balance with the scales
And move to the front of the line.
What is right is what prevails,
Not just what crosses the mind.

So hear me all and listen well,
Your effort will lead you to the blaze.
If you stop to take, not smell,
Upon the “geocache” you’ll gaze.

Some trees are ever white
And may point to that of which I speak.
If you’ve lumbered and measured right,
There’ll be no battle up your creek.

As it ends it will begin
Where dulcet waters may stop cold.
Leave your shelter once again
Until you are quickly bold.