How Does It Work?

What is Read and Seek? 

Inspired by Forrest Fenn's treasure poem and The Thrill of The Chase, I've stashed a fake "geocache" somewhere in the Midwest north of Hell (but south of Paradise). It's out there waiting to be found. Find it and it's yours!

I've published a book which contains a Fenn-esque poem that, when understood correctly, will lead you to the "geocache". The book also contains subtle hints sprinkled throughout to help you in your search.

Among other things (an ancient Greek coin, a Roman ring, earrings designed by Dominique Moceanu and more!), the "geocache" contains a one dollar bill (identifiable by serial number) that must be returned to me as proof that you've solved the clues and have retrieved the hidden cache. Once you've returned the dollar bill to me, you'll receive the posted value of the Amazon gift card balance.

Where does the gift card balance come from?
Using various loyalty and rewards programs, I'm building the value of the prize until it's found. You can help build the value of the prize by signing up to these programs by using the referral links below. While you earn your own gift cards, you'll help to build the value of the Read and Seek cache.

  • Swagbucks - Earn SB by doing everything you normally do online: shop your favorite stores, search the web, answer surveys, watch videos, play games. They also have a number of mobile apps that can be used to earn SB as well. Sign up with the referral link and the Read and Seek pot will earn 10% of what you earn. In my opinion, this is the best opportunity to earn your own gift cards while helping the prize grow.
  • - Earn Perk Points which can be redeemed for gift cards. They have various apps that make earning easy and fun: Perk TV, Perk TV Live!, Perk Scratch & Win, Perk Pop Quiz, Word Search, Perk Prize Mob, Perk Wallet, Perk Shopping, Perk Browser, Perk Search, Jetpack Journey and more! Sign up with the referral link, redeem your first reward and the Read and Seek pot will earn 500 Perk points.
  • Bing Rewards - Earn credits by searching the web with Bing. You can earn at least 25 credits per day (15 on a PC, 10 mobile) plus a few more daily offers. A $5 gift card is roughly 475 credits, so it'll take about 19 days to earn $5. But, hey, it really only takes like a minute a day to get your searches in so it's worth it. Sign up with the referral link, get to Silver status and the Read and Seek pot will earn 150 Bing credits.
  • Ibotta - Download the app, unlock rebates (usually by watching a 30 second video or answering a quick question), shop at any participating store, verify your purchase, upload your receipt and get cash back. Sign up with the referral link, redeem your first rebate and the Read and Seek pot will earn $2.
Claiming the Prize
Once you have deciphered the poem and retrieved the cache, you'll find a dollar bill inside. Return this dollar bill to me and you'll receive the current value of the Amazon gift card balance.

The finder has 30 days from the time of cache retrieval to claim the prize. If the dollar bill is not in my possession within 30 days of the cache being retrieved, the finder will forfeit the Amazon gift card portion of the prize. They may keep the other contents of the cache.