Friday, June 16, 2017

Q & A

Sometimes I get mail from searchers who ask some pretty inquisitively good questions. Here are some examples:

Q: I'm reading your book (Kindle version) and I want to ask if the page numbers mean anything - the reason I ask is that the Kindle doesn't really have page numbers, so I would be missing something if they were important...

My answer: Page numbers are irrelevant and not important.

Q: You narrowed down the search area in one your blog posts. Would you be willing to narrow it down even more? I mean the prize really isn't that big to be searching such a large area.

My answer: I've got to hand it to you for asking. Yes, I'd be willing to narrow it down even more.

Q: Forrest Fenn has said that you have to follow his clues in order and that you probably won't be able to solve past the first couple by using just a map and the poem. Are you willing to say anything similar about your clues?

My answer: Unlike Forrest Fenn's poem, mine has to be "fixed" first, but after that the concept is the same in my view. I'm not sure if I fully agree with the second part of your paraphrasing.

Q: Are you sure the "chest" is still there?

My answer: As I respond to this, I'm not sure. But I will be sure within the next 30 days.

If you have questions you can send them to me via my gmail address... readandseekadventures.