Thursday, October 26, 2017

Q & A

Sometimes I get mail from searchers who ask some pretty inquisitively good questions. Here are some examples:

Q: (Regarding Hunt #1 Seek and Ye Shall Find)
You gave a hint about the treasure being north of hell, but south of paradise. Does this indicate that the treasure is in Michigan? Or are we to extend those north and south boundary lines across other states?

A: I've been asked this question more than once. Directly answering it might give away more than I'm inclined to at present. But in response to this question, I'll eliminate two more states from consideration: Minnesota and Iowa.

Q: (Regarding Hunt #2 Google Maps Challenge)
Are the clues contiguous, as in is clue 2 close to clue 1 location and so on?

A: No, the clues are not connected nor are they related to each other.

Q: (Regarding Hunt #2 Google Maps Challenge)
When looking at Google street view, Google has placed street names on the surface of the streets. Are those street names part of the answers?

A: No.