Sunday, July 19, 2020

GRRiddler 2021 Prizes

The Grand Rapids Riddler's second annual FREE treasure hunt, GRRiddler 2021, begins on 11/03/2020! Over the next few months I'll be revealing more of the prizes. 

The original Wyoming Riddler, Joe Cramer, gave prizes of silver. In my first hunt, I continued that tradition. This time around, there'll be a couple of new prizes in addition to the "silver" and carbon monoxide detector I include (in memory of Joe Cramer - the original Wyoming Riddler).

However, starting off, here's the highly coveted winner's mug! Thousands will vie for this mug, but only one will win it. Unless there's a duo like Josh and Tim last year. Then they'll have to take turns proudly displaying it. Or drinking from it.

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