Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Wyoming Riddler's Last Riddle

After three decades of treasure hunts, Joe Cramer retired as the Wyoming Riddler in 2014. Do you know any of his other riddles? Please let me know in the comments section below or send them to me directly via email (readandseekadventures [at] gmail). 

Click here to learn more about how I'm continuing this tradition as The Grand Rapids Riddler (including the second annual hunt that begins on November 3).

This was the Wyoming Riddler's last riddle:

"Perhaps riding a bicycle, perhaps not. But how he got there is important. He knew that it changed a lot of things. If you are the first one to know, you'll find it. If you look, that is."

Clue No. 1 January 2014 

"It is near a sign of change, somewhere South of 28th, in between Grandville and Kentwood. Question: Why? Exclamation: Oh! Vase: Ming. Everyone clear on that? OK!"

Clue No. 2 Feb. 4, 2014 

"Eventually did come change but his end came first. It's good to remember: Near means by, not at!" 

Clue  No.3 Feb. 18, 2014 

"You can get there either way. Number one and two others between two and nine will help in two ways. But, never all three together."

Clue No. 4  March 11, 2014 

"Between hints in the riddle, it's there. Amongst the clues, even closer to where. 156, but not all together. To keep it fair: two mean him, two mean there."

Explanation from Joe Cramer:

How he got there= Haughey street 
Riding a bicycle, perhaps not = bicycle path 
He = male gender is relevant 
It changed a lot = James Buchanan began debate regarding abolition of slavery. 
First to know = discovery 
Why, Oh, Ming = Wyoming 
Eventually did come change = historical figure 
By not at = near Buchanan 
Numbers 156 but not all together = 15th president and 56th street 

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